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D E S I G N  

Moroccan retreat

M O R O C C A N 

Inspire your mind. Awaken your senses & relax your body.

Create & be inspired by the magic of Morocco.

Express your true style.

Experience luxury & deep relaxation.

Immerse yourself in a sensory adventure designed to capture a holistic approach to creativity through a series of  workshops and experiences. 

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for women who want a complete body and mind rejuvenation and reconnect their creative flair and ignite inspiration in to their bones!. 


It is for women who want to have space to breathe and take time for relaxation . Disconnect from every day life, family needs, the routine and stress of their jobs and get away to inspired lands for creative expansion.


This is an experience for women who feel disconnected to their true style, they desire to be guided on an exciting new adventure on a holistic design journey. Together we will Immerse ourselves in inspiration to bring renewed energy and vibrancy back into our lives and homes.

Morocco retreat

Do You Feel Stuck?

Having worked  with many interior design clients who feel stuck and are in need of inspiration, I know what it takes to take the pressure off, and offer my support and guidance. We will experience this adventure together, bouncing ideas off from one another and get into the creative flow. I have moved house many times, including abroad to Morocco and understand the difficulties of curating your ideas with your current sentimental belongings.  Free your mind, open your heart and  lean into the inspiration that Morocco has to offer...

Do you struggle to find beautiful and authentic artwork for your home in the local shop?

Are you feeling disconnected from your home style?

Do you need help to curate a characterful unique scheme filled with precious, one of a kind creations not found on the high street?

Are you in need of an abundance of inspiration? Do you feel bored of the routine, weather and stresses of every day work and family commitments? Not to mention the weather in England and you just need a break to unwind and be yourself.

Do you feel numb and bored of life, visiting the same places and struggling to feel energised and inspired?



Join me in Morocco

I am an interior designer on a mission to live her best life!

I spend most of my time here in Essaouira after eight summers of visiting this place wonderful place. I met a dear friend whilst travelling Thailand and have visited him in Morocco ever since. We take road trips to rural northern Morocco in search of one of a kind textiles for client projects and make memories on our Moroccan adventures.

The essence of art and creativity that flows through Essaouira is contagious and I just can’t keep away from it. I come here for inspiration for my own home and client projects. Some call it a spiritual portal, the Brighton of Morocco. I have made a life here for myself and I have so much to share with you. I know the best places to have throws, rugs or clothes made. I eat traditional Moroccan food and find inspiration from magical places such as, the flea market, vibrant restaurants with live Gnoa music, the old Jewish quarter , yoga classes, pottery workshops, cooking classes and wild swimming.

I have so much to share with you; the tips on buying goodies in the souks, which artisans are the best for what, who to trust and how to barter. I know where to go to ship goods to the UK from Morocco and where the locals buy their shopping for the best prices.   


My mission on these retreats is to showcase the best places I’ve trialled and tested for deep relaxation, unique creative experiences and workshops and support you to connect to your creative expression. It’ a passion of mine to bring creativity in to the home and what better place to see it all together than in Essaouira!.

Say YES to yourself.

Cunger up an amalgamation of delights that feed your soul and reconnect to your true style. This journey is a holistic experience experimenting with colours, textures, trinkets and memorabilia. Create your unique style from the adventure you have in Morocco. Explore hand made trinkets made by the local artisans. Feast your eyes on the best spots for architecture, textile shopping and make traditional Moroccan food with the locals


Renew old energy around what your home and life "should" be like and lean into freedom of expression; the authentic ways to re-awaken your body, mind and home life.

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