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Read on to find out more about the story behind my little rug shop...


I can get it all in Morocco; the hustle and bustle of the busy souks, hearing the noise of busy artisans at work or the complete contrast of calm and tranquility by the poolside. The hot sunshine follows me around and in this moment I am in my happy place.

A dear friendship made whilst travelling around Thailand many years ago gave me the opportunity to learn and see more of Morocco together with my native friend.

What rugs mean...

Having experienced the endles beauty that Morocco has shared with me, I want to showcase special pieces of historic artistry and contemporary design I have searched for and fallen in love with. 

Moroccan rugs symbolise freedom of expression through art and traditional techniques passed down through women for thousands of years. The beauty of their talent and secrets of their thoughts are woven into theses rugs for lifetimes to come. These rugs are heirlooms that have the power to elevate spaces, filling them with energy and charm. I am delighted I am able to share these treasures with you.

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